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Rectal Rocket Fuel Island Jerk Hot Sauce- now that’s a mouth full!

Rectal Rocket Fuel Island Jerk Hot Sauce is not a sauce to mess with. With the classic jerk flavors of scotch bonnet and habanero peppers, your tongue is going to get a real lashing with this one, but in a good way!

Jerk is actually a way of cooking that was created in Jamaica hundreds of years ago. They had no way of preserving their food, so they seasoned it heavily using a spice made primarily from Scotch bonnet peppers. In Jamaica they cooked jerk meet on oil drums cut in half and filled with charcoal. The use of jerk sauce is similar to mustard, in that mustard was originally used as a preservative and we now use it because of its distinctive and indispensable flavor. Similarly, jerk sauce is one of the most incredible tastes to ever come out of the islands, and you simply haven’t lived unless you’ve tasted real jerked meat or seafood. Rectal Rocket Fuel Island Jerk Hot Sauce is a great, not to mention easy, way to get the authentic taste of jerk.

Here’s a tip for using Rectal Rocket Fuel Island Jerk Hot Sauce: The key to jerk cooking is low heat and a long time on the grill. Slow and low, that’s the mantra. Of course, jerked chicken is a classic, and once your chicken is jerked, the meat is very versatile. Make a jerked chicken pizza, jerked chicken salad, jerked chicken and provolone sandwich wrap, or just eat it right off the grill. Pork, shrimp, soups, and vegetables can also be jerked for a wonderful Caribbean meal!

And if all that isn’t enough, the label is a classic. You gotta love the creativity that goes into designing some of these things. I look at them every day, and I still get a kick out of them! A pirate in an outhouse that blasts off from an island! This sauce is worth it just for that!

If you are looking for a really hot Caribbean flavored jerk sauce, Rectal Rocket Fuel Island Jerk Hot Sauce is the one for you!

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