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King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning – Awesome Flavor!!!!

King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning by The Culinary Connection is your answer to flavorful, succulent fish dishes in no time, but it’s not just for the fruits of the sea! This versatile seasoning uses garlic, onion, lemon salt, and dill to complement just about any dish you can dream up!
It’s The Culinary Connection’s mission to make your life easier and more delicious by pre-mixing spice blends with just the right proportions of individual spices. No more spilling various powders all over the kitchen, no more accidentally adding way too much garlic powder, and no more need to stock numerous bottles in your pantry. King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning makes it easy by doing all the measuring and blending for you and keeping everything together in one easy, convenient jar.

King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning can be used on fish as a dry rub or mixed with a bit of olive oil to form a wet rub. It is fantastic on salmon, tuna, and tilapia. For chicken, add King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning to breadcrumbs or flour, shake with your bird, and bake! For steak, stir King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning into whipped butter and serve a small scoop (a la mode style) right on top of your filet for an authentic steakhouse feel at home.

King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning can even be used on vegetables. Shake it onto steamed carrots or pan-roasted potatoes for a side dish worth putting in the middle of the table! To use King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning as a dip, mix a couple of teaspoons into a carton of sour cream and serve with crackers and veggie sticks. You can even make cream sauce with this rub_just simmer two cups of heavy whipping cream over very low heat, stirring occasionally to keep it from skinning or scorching, until it thickens. Then add 2-4 teaspoons of King Neptune’s, and salt and pepper to taste! I told you it was versatile!

So check out Culinary Connection’s King Neptune’s Fish Seasoning to add layers of flavor to almost any dish! And remember, if a zero heat rating doesn’t impress you, be sure to pair this dry rub with a spicy sauce- or even a second rub to achieve the burn you deserve! Bon appetit!

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