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Put Your label On Our Sauces!

Peppers of Key West has a new private labeled hot sauce bottle opportunity for you. We love our sauces and have found that most of our customers do too! What could be better than your own label affixed to a bottle of your favorite hot sauce!

  • Having a birthday party?
    • Get a bottle with your picture and birth date to remember the good times.
  • Getting married?
    • Show your reception guests how “spicy” your life has become!
  • Having that final farewell to single life?
    • We can heat up your bachelor or bachelorette party like no one can!
  • Having a corporate event?
    • Nothing tells your attendees how much you appreciate them than a bottle of hot sauce with your logo on it!
  • Own a restaurant and are tired of those every day, boring hot sauces on your tables?
    • Create a branded hot sauce experience with your own label on the bottle!

The possibilities are endless for the reasons you would want your face, date, logo, pet, favorite picture or saying on your very own one of a kind bottle of hot sauce.

We make the process very simple. You can use our house “canned” labels or you can create a label on your own. If you feel a more professional graphic is required, ask your graphic designer to create the artwork for the label and send it to us. We can print your labels in house or you can have the labels printed and send them to us.

Prices are contingent on quantity, label creation, and label printing. Give us a call with your ideas and we’ll do everything we can to fulfill them. 1-800-kw-sauce (800-597-2823) or (305)-295-9333!


Our stock images that can have limited changes made:

Blank1 blank2 blank3 Blank4 blank5 blank6 Blank7Blank1

Our stock images that have been updated with customer information:

custom4customcustomer1 custom6 custom5

Custom labels from customer pictures:

custom2 custom3 customcustomer2 customcustomer3 customcustomer4



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